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Who We Are?

Bhilwara 2020 is an initiative to contribute to the development of Bhilwara and make it more vibrant and globally competitive in the coming years. It aims to take the city to new heights by harnessing:

  • Power of youth
  • Wisdom of women
  • Spirit of trading community, and¬†
  • Blessings of the elderly

The programme pledges to make Bhilwara a profound and vibrant place.

What We Do?

We have a vision to inspire and empower people to take Bhilwara to newer heights. Bhilwara 2020 is a platform for all those who want to contribute in making Bhilwara a world-know city. Our focus remains development of Bhilwara through public participation.

Vision & Mission

  • To create consciousness among people to strive for a vibrant and beautiful Bhilwara so that it becomes a better place to live in, do business, pursue career
  • To contribute actively towards strengthening the social and economic infrastructure of Bhilwara
  • To help create an enabling environment for youngsters to aspire big and achieve success
  • To empower underprivileged women through self-help groups and other social engagement programmes so that they contribute more meaningfully to families and communities
  • To ensure dignity and safety of elderly so that they continue to guide communities using their wisdom and experience
  • To work towards ensuring a cleaner and greener Bhilwara
  • To work towards helping people inculcate values of leadership, integrity¬† and passion